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30-Day VitaMind Challenge

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

The 30-Day VitaMind Challenge is a comprehensive program designed to fuel your mind, power your performance and help you maximize your brain’s potential.

Included in the challenge:

  • VitaMind’s two-part multivitamin, Origin and COC , the first-of-its-kind liquid supplement providing the most essential vitamins and other nutrients for your brain. Just take one capful of Origin and one capful of COC each day.
  • 30-Day Challenge Guide (PDF), a comprehensive road map featuring empowering action steps that are easy incorporate into your daily life to trigger real change.
  • 30-Day Calendar (PDF), so you can say easily manage your goals each day and track your progress.

When you embark on the VitaMind Challenge, you have all the tools you need toenhance your brain energy, cognitive functions and physical performance - in just 30 days.

Price : $ 59.99 for one month supply
estimated shipping on pre-orders is January 21st

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