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Vita mind

The everyday liquid vitamin for a healthy brain.

Our throughtful ingredients


strengthens functional
connections between brain cells


Cognizin Citiciline

increases speed and efficiency
of brain cell function


Omega3 Fatty Acids

promotes development
and maintenance of
healthy brain cells


Vitamin B Complex

support healthy memory and
and maintenance ofthinking in an aging brain



like an antioxidant, helps to
protect against nerve ell
free radical damage


Coconut MCT

supports performance by
enhancing metabolism
and brain energy



ad ds stability to brain
cell function

The how-to

It's Simple.

one cap of each bottle, once a day

VitaMind is a trademark of
VitaMind, LLC a Delaware
COmpany,©2015 VitaMind,
LLC All Rights Reserved.

Product Page

VitaMind is a 30-day, two-part supplement system that delivers the ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, fats, and plant, and other important nutrients.

Together, these naturally occurring ingredients supply the brain with energy and play an essential role in healthy brain function like memory, and attention. They also help in protcting yor brain cells from everyday wear-and-tear.

VitaMind is developed by a Neurosurgeon and Neuroscientist. This supplement was throughtfully designed to meet the brain's daily nutritional demands. It is the everyday liqid vitamin for a healthy brain.

Product Page