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About us

Our Purpose

For years, global brands have focused on introducing consumers to products that aim to fuel, redesign and improve their bodies. 2016 marks the year that this perception of the body being the vehicle for transformation comes to an end.

It is the brain that directs change in our lives. The VitaMind mission is to empower real change in human performance. Let the revolution begin.

Dr. Chwajol, Neurosurgeon

VitaMind is developed by Dr. Markus Chwajol, a Columbia University graduate in neuroscience and behavior, who completed his training in Neurosurgery at Montefiore Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Albert Einstein University,

Dr. Chwajol currently practices Neurosurgery at University of Illinois at Chicago and is dedicated to addressing the need of maintaining healthy cognition and improving brain functionality across all age groups.