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The everyday liquid vitamin for a healthy brain.

A few of our favorite things: focus, memory, attention.

It’s Simple

one cap of each bottle, once a day.

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The ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, fats & plants.

take the 30 day challenge

ready to start the 30 day challenge? are you ready for a change? take the 30 day vitaMind challenge

The 30-Day VitaMind Challenge is a comprehensive supplemental program designed to give your mind the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. Included in this challenge is a 30-day two part multivitamin, 30-Day Challenge Guide and the 30 Day calendar. People across the country have experience success on the 30-Day Challenge you could be next!

Supports focus & concentration

Together, the naturally occurring ingredients in VitaMind supply the brain with energy and play an essential role in healthy brain function like memory, and attention. They also help in protecting your brain cells from everyday wear-and-tear.

It is the everyday liquid vitamin for a healthy brain.

  • Memory

  • Attention

  • Development

  • Protection

  • Energy

  • Aging

  • Stability

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